Why Donate ?

  • Every child deserves a chance to thrive.
  • Preventive health and personal safety opportunities.
  • Education is key for growth and development.



Besides the reasons above, CLICK HERE to read about why we are asking you to think about donating to us.


Why Donate

With your donation, amazing and wonderful things happen here at Bemelsa! Along with the nutritional support of two hot meals a day, we provide educational and creative activities for our children and adults. In addition, we have a monthly health and medical campaign. We operate with a director, a social worker, and many volunteers…all of which make the world go around here!


We believe that no one should be without the essential proper nutrition or education necessary to find success in life. It is our goal, starting in Grocio Prado, Peru, to provide the right tools for a healthy and balanced life. Everyone deserves a chance! With your help, we can continue to provide the critical support and services that our children need to grow and succeed. We also provide nutritional services to adults with disabilities and lower economic means.


We encourage all of our school age children to attend an educational institution. Sometimes it is very difficult for their parents to get them to school on a regular basis. Children who are eligible to go to school often miss out on the opportunity due to economic hardship. We ask for donations to help with some of the basic needs just to get the children to school. Items such as shoes, matriculation fees, backpacks, and uniforms are often a huge financial burden to our families. Education is key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty!


Our health and medical campaigns offer opportunity for consulations, check-ups, medicine distribution, prevenative measures, and minor medical procedures for the people of Grocio Prado who would otherwise not have the means of obtaining these services. We contract with Peruvian doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals to assist our monthly campaigns. We also provide access to health education and information. Some of the themes we have covered include exercise, hygiene, parasites, HIV/AIDS, first aid, nutrition, clean hands and teeth, and recycling. The campaigns have been very beneficial to the community and are very reasonable to provide. Your donation will help continue these campaigns.