Why Donate ?

  • Every child deserves a chance to thrive.
  • Preventive health and personal safety opportunities.
  • Education is key for growth and development.



Besides the reasons above, CLICK HERE to read about why we are asking you to think about donating to us.




Upon filling out our application, you will be contacted by our administrative staff. If you are selected for an interview, please be prepared for a Skype interview in Spanish.


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We have an amazing opportunity for volunteers here at our Comedor.

Our programs are continually expanding and we are open to suggested projects and activities.

A Conversational Level of Spanish is Required

We offer:

  • Housing (depending on availability)
  • Breakfast and lunch 5 days a week
  • Endless opportunities with children from Grocio Prado, Peru
  • Flexibe scheduling for travel and adventure while in Peru
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Opportunity to get in and experience the real Peru


We need:

  • Volunteers willing to spend a suggested minimum time of 4 months
  • Volunteers who are at least 21 years old
  • Volunteers who are creative, dependable, and flexible
  • Volunteers who are ready to organize, promote, and teach workshops independently
  • Volunteers with computer experience and ability to lead classes and groups for children and adults
  • Volunteers who love working with kids and want to be apart of Grocio Prado
  • Volunteers who want to develop a project
  • Artists!
  • Teachers!
  • Fluent Spanish speakers are a plus

We are an organization in Grocio Prado Peru, in the department of Ica, in the Province of Chincha. Our Comedor, Spanish for "dining room," has been in Grocio Prado since 1979. We are funded by a Peruvian/American family. As of 2009 we have been developing programs to better serve the community and its needs.


Our program is important to the people of Grocio Prado for many reasons. Reasons that have been in place for 31 years and reasons just developing. We not only feed the children, elders, and disabled adults of the area but we are driven to provide supplemental educational and social services.


We are a very flexible and laid back program with the primary goal of enriching the lives of the children and families. Our volunteers will be doing a variety of things from helping serve at meal times to teaching and monitoring computer classes, reading and conducting story times, teaching dance and english classes, art projects with the kids, or simply sitting and drawing and spending time with the kids that come in and out of our comedor during the day. Volunteers may also be accompanying our social worker on home visits and conducting follow ups to the needs of our families. The possibility of medical/community health exists as well. We are in the process of developing a small medical clinic here in our facility.



One of the biggest needs here is a volunteer with experience in the overwhelming problem of domestic violence and sexual assault. Working with our Social worker to conduct programs for both children and the families in this area is critical! Do you have a great idea for children and women you would like to develop? Dime! (Tell me!!)


We operate primarily during the day and have dance, computers, english, and social service (ie. domestic violence, anti-violence workshops) projects. Our time is flexible and the ideal volunteer will be flexible as well!






We have a volunteer dorm room available in the comedor as well as a bathroom and a shower. The room is shared only by volunteers of the same sex. We can provide lunch during the week. Your only costs will be your additional meals, which are really inexpensive here in our area, as well as any additional costs you may incur on your travels. Please note, space is limited in the Comedor. If we do not have space in the comedor or if another housing situation is desirable, we are able to assist you in finding a host family or an inexpensive rental. We cannot assist in that cost but only in helping you secure the housing!


Teachers, social workers, community health professionals, business expertise, etc. are all needed! We are flexible and can meet your skills!! This area is primarily spanish speaking and as a matter of fact, you will run into very few people who speak English. 


We would like to have our volunteers stay for a minimum of 4 months.


Contact us: info@bemelsa.org or fill out the application form on our website for further information.