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  • You are responsible for the associated costs
  • We will help you with finding and securing your homestay family
  • Shared Room at Comedor
  • Possibly another volunteer will be sharing your room with you
  • No cost to you
  • 2 meals a day, 5 days a week provided
  • I have read over my answers and I affirm that they are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • I hereby authorize the Asociación Beata Melchorita Saravia (Bemelsa) to inquire and verify any information contained on this application or which I submit as part of this application process.
  • I understand and agree that if I am selected as a volunteer, the making of any false or misleading statements, including the failure to include or disclose any information as requested may result in termination as a volunteer.
  • As an Asociación Beata Melchorita Saravia (Bemelsa) volunteer, I agree to indemnify and hold Asociación Beata Melchorita Saravia (Bemelsa), its employees, agents and other volunteers harmless from any and all claims made against Asociación Beata Melchorita Saravia (Bemelsa), its employees, agents and volunteers, including, without limitation, all costs, liabilities, judgments, expenses, damages, or reasonable attorney's fees arising out of or in connection with any event or activity associated with Asociación Beata Melchorita Saravia (Bemelsa).
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