Why Donate ?

  • Every child deserves a chance to thrive.
  • Preventive health and personal safety opportunities.
  • Education is key for growth and development.



Besides the reasons above, CLICK HERE to read about why we are asking you to think about donating to us.


Sponsor Spot

Sponsorship Opportunities:

In School:


Its difficult to get our kids to school. Life circumstances are such that they just need a little help! There are many options to get our kids to school but first we need to start with the basics.


Here are the costs per child to get them the quality education they need:


For a National school education:

2 Uniforms (sweater, 2 shirts, 2 pants/skirts, 2 shoes, 2 ties): $100


Matriculation: $35


Supplies: $20


Total: $155 per year


Sponsor A Child Per Year


At Home:

Meals for a family of 6 per month:

The basics: Rice, Sugar, Vegetables, Spices, Meat, Potatoes, Oil


Total: $150 Per Month


Sponsor A Meal



Personal Hygene Kits:

This includes soap, shampoo, feminine products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, lotion,sunscreen, deodorant,


Total $25

Sponsor a Personal Hygiene Kit



Sponsor an Activity



Girl Empowerment Group:




Our group focuses on just GIRLS! We are working with the girls to build their self esteem, empower their life choices, broaden their world and self-view, and build confidences in self andeach other. The Chicas Bemelsa meet twice monthly and take part in self awareness activities,group dynamic activities, yoga, dance, participate in activities with psychologists, gynecologists,college planners, academic assistance, volunteering in the community.


Cost per week for Group: $25



Sponsor a Group For a Week or Sponsor a Group For a Month




Educational Enrichment Classes:


We offer several types of enrichment classes. The class size in the schools is very large and the kids are often falling through the cracks. We hire professors to come several times a week and teach material that the children are having trouble with.


Cost to have a class: $10


Sponsor A Class or Sponsor A Month of Classes




Dance Classes:


We offer several types of Regional Dance Classes. The kids from our center are living with very low economic means and haven’t had opportunities to participate in other dance groups or lessons.


Cost for Dance Classes: $10


Sponsor a Dance Class




Art and Craft Classes:


We offer creative art classes as well as classes focusing more on Crafts. We offer these classes to both adults and the children. They are very well attended. The classes for adults focus on teaching how to create things that they can make into a potential business .


Cost per class with materials: $20


Sponsor An Art Class




Health and Medical Campaigns:


We provide monthly medical campaigns for the community of Grocio Prado. Our campaigns focus on prevention and healthy lifestyles. We provide monthly medical checkups that include services by dentists, gynocologists, general family doctors, nurses, psychologists, pediatricians, and pharmacists. We also have visiting speakers that talk and do activities surrounding topics such as exercise, weight control, parasites, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, dental care, recycling, and many more.


Average cost for one health or medical campaign: $150.


Support a Medical Campaign